Hooves introduced himself to @ashleycardiff and I at a Walgreens in Chinatown, San Francisco. He then showed us a few things about the city.
  1. Chinese food for Christmas is his GO FUCKING TO! Start with the long beans!
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  2. Finish with the Peking Duck!
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  3. It chilled out for a bit after that, as the food coma forced us home early. But in the morning Hooves was ready for the day.
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  4. He prefers the stairs. Elevators remind him of truck transport, which blows.
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  5. But not breakfast burritos.
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  6. Or horchata.
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  7. He makes friends anywhere.
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  8. Although these fish were pretty indifferent to him.
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  9. But these fish let him hang out for a while.
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  10. He even made friends with some plants.
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  11. And this sweet pit bull.
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  12. But then it was time for more Mexican food.
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  13. This bean stew was better than it should've been. Hooves knows the hidden gems!
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  14. He didn't really care about the shrimp tho. It was fine.
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  15. Hooves was pretty bummed about that shit pack of Polaroid film.
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  16. So he decided to grind up some weed.
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  17. Which made him pretty chill and unafraid of this octopus.
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  18. Strangely he wanted to dominate this turtle. No one was upset. It was fine.
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  19. Checking out some mushrooms for like twenty minutes.
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  20. He wanted to cross this bridge but it was really out of the way.
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  21. We decided that vintage shopping at Relove was more important.
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  22. He wasn't sure what to make of this figurines, but was really obsessed with them for some reason.
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  23. But then the butler bulldog stopped by and he forgot all about them.
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  24. He felt a little shamed by this waxing parlor.
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  25. And was feeling a little hungry, so we went to a seafood spot in the Castro.
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  26. There were hard decisions to make there. The cioppino and the pasta both looked great...
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  27. ... but ultimately you just can't beat cioppino.
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  28. He ate way too much.
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  29. And kind of died for a few minutes.
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  30. And then both of these things stressed him the fuck out.
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  31. But homer reminded him he had a spliff.
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  32. So things evened out alright.
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  33. And then he dj'ed a bit. He's not that good, honestly.
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  34. So we got some mochi.
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  35. We went to @nakajima's place. Which had a lot of weird rules.
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  36. Like, seriously? Maybe some about if it's yellow let it mellow, but no flushing ever seems a little strict.
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  37. He couldn't deal with all these rules, so another spliff.
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  38. Properly chilled, we went to Yamo, but they were closed. Which was heartbreaking.
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  39. So we got another burrito.
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  40. Shoe shopping was tough. Nothing in his size.
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  41. And these steps. Fuck you, SF.
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  42. It was almost time to leave SF, but the hotel was a bit of a mess.
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  43. Not the worst he's seen, but still.
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  44. At least he made a new friend, Paws.
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  45. Leaving SF, we passed through Oakland for his favorite burger.
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  46. He almost opted for the veggie one, because that fried yuba bacon looked dope.
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  47. But ultimately stuck with standard Kronnenburger.
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  48. And then we hit the road! LA bound!
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  49. Hey rest stop truck friends!
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  50. He didn't really like being considered a pet, after all we'd been through together, but he had to go somewhere.
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  51. Back on the road, and he was delighted to hear some pre-"pretty hate machine" NIN.
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    Seriously, check out the song "Maybe Just Once"
  52. Back in LA, he was lucky enough to meet Bigfoot (via @liana)
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  53. And then he slept. Standing up, of course.
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