A Little Horse's Tour of San Francisco

Hooves introduced himself to @ashleycardiff and I at a Walgreens in Chinatown, San Francisco. He then showed us a few things about the city.
  1. Chinese food for Christmas is his GO FUCKING TO! Start with the long beans!
  2. Finish with the Peking Duck!
  3. It chilled out for a bit after that, as the food coma forced us home early. But in the morning Hooves was ready for the day.
  4. He prefers the stairs. Elevators remind him of truck transport, which blows.
  5. But not breakfast burritos.
  6. Or horchata.
  7. He makes friends anywhere.
  8. Although these fish were pretty indifferent to him.
  9. But these fish let him hang out for a while.
  10. He even made friends with some plants.
  11. And this sweet pit bull.
  12. But then it was time for more Mexican food.
  13. This bean stew was better than it should've been. Hooves knows the hidden gems!
  14. He didn't really care about the shrimp tho. It was fine.
  15. Hooves was pretty bummed about that shit pack of Polaroid film.
  16. So he decided to grind up some weed.
  17. Which made him pretty chill and unafraid of this octopus.
  18. Strangely he wanted to dominate this turtle. No one was upset. It was fine.
  19. Checking out some mushrooms for like twenty minutes.
  20. He wanted to cross this bridge but it was really out of the way.
  21. We decided that vintage shopping at Relove was more important.
  22. He wasn't sure what to make of this figurines, but was really obsessed with them for some reason.
  23. But then the butler bulldog stopped by and he forgot all about them.
  24. He felt a little shamed by this waxing parlor.
  25. And was feeling a little hungry, so we went to a seafood spot in the Castro.
  26. There were hard decisions to make there. The cioppino and the pasta both looked great...
  27. ... but ultimately you just can't beat cioppino.
  28. He ate way too much.
  29. And kind of died for a few minutes.
  30. And then both of these things stressed him the fuck out.
  31. But homer reminded him he had a spliff.
  32. So things evened out alright.
  33. And then he dj'ed a bit. He's not that good, honestly.
  34. So we got some mochi.
  35. We went to @nakajima's place. Which had a lot of weird rules.
  36. Like, seriously? Maybe some about if it's yellow let it mellow, but no flushing ever seems a little strict.
  37. He couldn't deal with all these rules, so another spliff.
  38. Properly chilled, we went to Yamo, but they were closed. Which was heartbreaking.
  39. So we got another burrito.
  40. Shoe shopping was tough. Nothing in his size.
  41. And these steps. Fuck you, SF.
  42. It was almost time to leave SF, but the hotel was a bit of a mess.
  43. Not the worst he's seen, but still.
  44. At least he made a new friend, Paws.
  45. Leaving SF, we passed through Oakland for his favorite burger.
  46. He almost opted for the veggie one, because that fried yuba bacon looked dope.
  47. But ultimately stuck with standard Kronnenburger.
  48. And then we hit the road! LA bound!
  49. Hey rest stop truck friends!
  50. He didn't really like being considered a pet, after all we'd been through together, but he had to go somewhere.
  51. Back on the road, and he was delighted to hear some pre-"pretty hate machine" NIN.
    Seriously, check out the song "Maybe Just Once"
  52. Back in LA, he was lucky enough to meet Bigfoot (via @liana)
  53. And then he slept. Standing up, of course.