Long press the title to make your own. Let's make a "Title Wave" from our tears, you cry babies.
  1. While watching the Olympics: 2
  2. Watching football: 0
  3. Watching "Friday Night Lights": 6
  4. Watching commercials: Too many
    Mostly in the 80s
  5. Cutting onions: 5%
  6. While vomiting: a few
  7. In my therapists office: 4
  8. While driving and listening to ANHONI: 1
  9. While driving and singing along to Blur: 3
  10. Walking around New York in the year following 9/11: weekly (avg)
  11. From getting eye liner in my eyes: 3
  12. Watching "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives": 1
    I realized how many episodes I had watched.