@Meatball is going to make over the whole @list crew, but started with me. See her list: I PUT A LIST APPER IN DRAG!!!!!!
  1. We ended here...
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  2. ...but started here. Boring.
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  3. The first steps were pretty rough sketches of Marilyn Manson.
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  4. And then some hints towards Sharon Needles.
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  5. Put some more work into the eyes.
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  6. Add glitter.
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  7. A dose of high brows and attitude.
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  8. Open that mouth a bit.
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  9. Look disinterested.
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  10. Put on a little blue number.
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  11. Steal mom's wig
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  12. Viola! Baby @Meatball!
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  13. @beefball has arrived, everyone. Follow or die.
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