My name is Jeremy and it doesn't bother me.
  1. It's just long enough of a name to be taken seriously.
    Not like a name that's effectively a nickname. It's also not long enough that anyone actually wants to shorten it, at least acquaintances won't. They'll just default to the whole thing and not question it.
  2. Sharing a name with @JeremyPivot.
  3. Because of ^^^: An innate understanding of technology, society, human need, climate change and the ability to disrupt any industry or situation.
  4. Being called Jerbear by a few people you love.
  5. Never being called Donald Trump, because my name is Jeremy.
  6. My name can't be shortened to Dick.
  7. There's not too many people named Jeremy, but enough that you still can be satisfied a few times a year when you meet another one.
  8. There's been no genocide committed by a Jeremy, at least none I'm aware of.
    Please, keep it to yourself if you know of one.