Myself and everyone at @list are devastated by the news of @biz taking her life, but this outpouring of support from the community is inspiring and moving. Here's some of the lists made in memory of her, and her last list, but please suggest any I may have missed. She will be missed. I'm crying at the office again, and so are others, everywhere.
  1. @biz — our hearts are heavy and full of sorrow. Love to @briananadeau, we are so sorry for your loss.
  2. The announcement by @alligeeshow
  3. @olivi_ahh
  4. @dad3
  5. @Sim0n
  6. — again, please suggest any others I may have missed. Please credit the author by putting their handle in the description. ❤️💔
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  10. By @blisssara
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  14. Static
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  16. Thanks for sharing, @briananadeau
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