Books I'm reading or just finished, a running list..

Ok, including the past month or so to start... and for the record, this is more books than I read in the previous 5 years combined. So I'm basically starting over with this whole thing... (thanks to everyone who recommended some of these) (if you have a rec, please post: Books I should read next)
  1. Best book I read in years, but we've already established that there's not too much competition there. Regardless, beautiful...
  2. Inspired by the inspired twitter account. We need her on @list so bad
  3. The best. Just the best.
  4. I stopped believing in God 20 years ago and I wish I had this book then.
  5. Basically my life
  6. This may take a little while...
  7. Harder than it sounds...
  8. It's like reading my thoughts, but more articulate, funny and self-aware. I am in no way comparing my mind to that of Dostoevsky, I'm just saying that I'm sick, spiteful and unattractive. Give or take.
  9. I hope this means this list passes the test.
  10. This one is complicated, cos I'm really just reading the notes in the margins by someone trying to convince themselves that their beliefs are good for them, even though the only thing that is clear is their extreme dissatisfaction with themself and their life because of their faith, which is pretty fucking relatable.
  11. Reading this alongside Brothers K. Pretty sure this book is going to destroy me. Favorite chapter title : "Device 3: Logocide"