If you can sense a theme in this list [ Books I'm reading or just finished, a running list.. ] — I would love to hear your suggestions...
  1. The Gift
    This has gotta be the most recommended book of the last few decades.
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  2. Evil by Jan Guillou
    Not sure that this fits into your theme of books. But I can highly recommend this one. It's a semi-autobiographical novel about Jan Guillou's harsh and difficult upbringing. You can read more about it here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evil_(novel)
    Suggested by @DanielaM
  3. Suggested by @bookishclaire
  4. Static
    Picked out of @bookishclaire's linked list above because this is right down home plate for me. Everything else on there sounds great too, I'm just saying...
  5. When I Was A Child I Read Books
    Marilynne Robinson is maybe my favorite (living) author. She's a liberal Christian who taught for years at Iowa's Writers Workshop, but she writes for everyone, in the most beautiful and insightful and sometimes critical way. If you like Dostoevsky and Flannery O'Connor, odds are you will also like Robinson's fiction and essays—though they're less gothically dark. The reason I picked this one to suggest is because the intro alone is SO ON POINT after the recent election season.
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  6. Epileptic by David B.
    The version on Amazon has all six volumes. I don't think I can do this any justice by typing a mini review here. Take a look and hopefully it's something that piques your interest.
    Suggested by @theshome
  7. Habibi by Craig Thompson
    Absolutely beautiful and one that impacted me as well.
    Suggested by @theshome
  8. This one!!
    Suggested by @catharuin
  9. I haven't read any of your books but I saved!
    Suggested by @shanaz
  10. The Unseen World by Liz Moore
    This was my favorite book of the year, I've never read anything quite like it before.
    Suggested by @StuckOnThe7
  11. If you haven't read Borges — his collection of short stories, "Labyrinths"
    Suggested by @caropars
  12. Things The Grandchildren Should Know
    The lead singer for the Eels has had one of the most fascinating lives I've ever read. That he can still sound funny and also remain optimistic is even more fascinating. It has a few years on it, but I can never not recommend it.
    Suggested by @Jaycer17
  13. Kafka on the Shore
    This book just keeps finding new layers
    Suggested by @poewar
  14. Static
    Suggested by @Lisa_Fav