1. Watching the cat I live with psychologically terrorize a bird inside the apartment. I think it's dead now and essentially a toy.
  2. Update: it's dead.
  3. Doubling down on repressing all sexual impulses
  4. Listening to Gary Numan and putting on mascara
  5. Listening to The Soup Dragons
  6. It's a long story with a lot of parts that led me here
  7. Watching a bird terrorize a squirrel on some power lines
  8. Wearing sweatpants and a fedora. Thus, hating myself.
  9. Leaving the house after changing out of sweatpants and removing fedora...
  10. panic eating a larabar
  11. Learning that a friend is gonna be on a Hot Topic t-shirt
  12. Debating on whether or not to buy
  13. chatting about cassingles on facebook
  14. causing people to google cassingle
  15. Finally bought