1. Zak Detox Deodorant
    I always like using this one the day I shower. It's unscented and I like to smell like nothing, which is borderline impossible for me.
  2. Prospector Co "Forest Herb Scent"
    Day two I usually go for something earthy. I haven't reached full impact with my "scent" yet, so I opt to try and feel outdoorsy. Or something. Honestly, I don't think I like this one at all, but I impulse bought this and feel obligated to use it. It's a bit masc for me.
  3. EO "Lavender"
    Day three: full cover-up mode. Lavender compliments the previous days' outdoorsy attempt with a more pronounced herbal quality. At this point, I'm in full denial of how disgusting I am. I keep this one at work for panicked moments.
  4. I would feel bad if we weren't in a drought. But as such, I'm saving a ton of water.
  5. Full disclosure: This list is slightly misleading as I did technically shower this morning. Whatever, I started this list last night. So yeah, I'm only wearing the Zak one. I'm basically invisible.
  6. 💋