Really just a collection of domains I bought while drunk.
    Local (I let the domain expire and really regret it)
    Business plan: basically a Grindr that only works between the hours of 1 and 5 pm.
    Butt stuff is big business nowadays!
    Brunch is fucking stupid.
    Generally what I put on my resume.
    I accidentally built the perfect tool for trolls here. It's broken now, but you could basically start a mob or join one, and the mob leader could force their mob to follow a particular Twitter user and send a message to the mob about why. I made it while at Groupme when someone talked shit about our new icon and I wanted a way to get everyone at the company to give them shit. I'm a monster. I regret everything.
    I really wanted, but could only get this instead. In the end, I think it's better. Maybe I can make a quarterly magazine out of it someday.
    Sounds dirty but was really gonna be a white label app factory so people could make simple apps just using a website. I abandoned this idea but can't let go of the domain.
    My side project company. I do important work there. Check out if you are in a relationship. It's for people who like their partner.
    No excuse for this other than drinking too much tequila. (And @ashleycardiff's stutter)
    I wanted to build this thing that would allow people to claim original ownership of new slang. Basically, a database of who said what first. I let this one expire but still kinda like the idea. Which I may have stolen.
    A secret project @Waz and I are concocting.
    I no longer own this, but it was my first iOS side project. I was proud to have this in the App Store on day one. It was a place to share square photos, follow your friends, comment, like, etc. Instagram did it a couple years later. And definitely better. Way way better.
    My first domain. It was the catalog number for Cornelius's record "Fantasma", which was on Matador records. Btw, they just reissued it and you should get it!
    Just like the sound of this. For the record, I love dogs. And they love me.
    Although I own this domain, it hasn't revealed its true self to me yet.
  17. UPDATE: Apparently, .club and .technology domains don't get linkified in iOS, but I promise you, those are real domains.