(xmas 2016, for reference) Link bait I know, but I don't have access to meth anymore, just coke, but I was out of that so I had a bottle of wine and made a mother fucking steak.
  1. Rib eye + salt duh hold my hand
  2. Butter thyme love and tenderness fuck you Kenny g—I already hate this shitty joke
    I used slightly too much butter but is that even possible????
  3. Moooorrrrre wine fuck you I mean merry xmas
  4. Full disclosure I've never done meth but never say never life is short.
  5. Parsley salad too—merry fucking Christmas.
  6. Yeah I got drunk because George Michael fuck you I had no options this year blows and this steak was better than any of Trump's.
  7. Ok, barely drunk just trying out a new online voice let me know how this went.
  8. Still sad about George.
  9. Kinda drunk.
  10. Take me to the edge of heaven.
  11. Ok, I just scored meth
    Do you remember the first time? I can't remember a worse time.
  12. That was a Pulp reference. Xo let's just get to 2017 already.
    Or meet up in the year 2000
  13. That was a Pulp reference on a Pulp reference but if we could go back in time, could we change 2016 to be slightly more tolerable?
  14. I lied about scoring meth I literally have no idea thank god.
  15. god lol
  16. Lol I'm watching the imitation game and the girl with the jaw thing just called Turing a fragile narcissist.
  17. Oh fuck and then he fashioned an engagement ring out of whatever bullshit was around and proposed to the jaw girl and I kid you not, I did the same shit when i proposed to my now ex-wife.
  18. Holy shit I'm AlaN Turing.
  19. This is not how I thought this list would end I was just into that steak I made.
  20. And now I'm alaN Turing.