(i wrote this about two years ago... not that timing matters)
  1. How to dress
  2. How to be cool
  3. How to be spontaneous
  4. How to adventure
  5. How to realize that love lasts forever but being legally tied together is a different thing
  6. That things don't always work out how you expected, but that doesn't mean failure
  7. Being young generally means that you're selfish
  8. When things are weird, dance
  9. You're not the most important thing in the world
  10. Everyone else is just as important as you
  11. You'll never stop caring
  12. You are capable of making good decisions
  13. You are capable of bad things and terrible decisions and being mean
  14. You can be a good person
  15. You can be terrible
  16. But even good people can be horrible
  17. Even the coolest bands are comprised of flawed people
  18. Communication is important
  19. Resentment is cancer
  20. Resentment is the product of poor communication skills
  21. I'm not perfect
  22. She wasn't perfect
  23. I'm perfect
  24. She's perfect
  25. No one is perfect
  26. Perfect means nothing but you can at least try to be good
  27. Good photography is important
  28. Stay classy, even when you are divorcing
  29. Michigan isn't part of the Midwest
    We still don't agree on this