Inspired by @ashleycardiff's definition: any activity repeatedly interrupted; in the same way Bruce Willis couldn't get a goddam cappuccino in that terribly wonderful movie, Hudson Hawk.
  1. Having cigarettes interrupted all fucking day such that you have to prematurely snuff them before you finish.
    This inspired the definition given above, and is @ashleycardiff's story.
  2. Trying to get a drink from an overwhelmed bartender and repeatedly being ignored.
    This is my America. I think I have bad "bar presence/vibe"
  3. Repeatedly being cut off while trying to make a point by some prick with an e-cig.
    Again: @ashleycardiff's life. I just turn around and close my eyes when in presence of an e-cig.
  4. Having the hiccups
    Suggested by @dena
  5. All day you can't remember which musician Ethan Hawke looks like and just as you're about to you get distracted by someone with a goatee. this is called getting Ethan Hawked (the musician is mark McGrath of sugar ray)
    Suggested by @mikewint