1. Ok, listers!
    This has come up a number of times in the comment sections of some well updated lists, but....
  2. Now that we got this "live listing" thing going or whatever you wanna call it.
    Noninvisible list updates? List hand slap? The look at my list forever game? Listing ad nauseam?
  3. Sometimes people wanna like a list they've already liked...
    Like @jessicaz or people reading her lists
  4. And that's ok!
  5. Just tap the heart to unlike it...
  6. And then retap it to like it again!
  7. Voilà! The "Relike"
  8. You get to show your approval of the updates made...
  9. And the author gets their much needed revalidation!
  10. Which hopefully encourages more updates to the reliked list so the author can continue the validation cycle forever.
  11. ❤️️
  12. Local