Inspired by @charlie and others.
  1. Feeling that you've made up for what you've been given.
  2. Having the right denim for any occasion.
  3. Having compassion.
  4. Not being considered full of shit by people who know you reasonably well.
  5. Having enough time for yourself.
    Naps, side projects/hobbies, reflection.
  6. Having access to great produce.
  7. Having enough to give away half and not miss it.
  8. Having a love that is reciprocated.
  9. Not feeling like an imposter.
  10. Being generally liked by dogs.
  11. Being generally dismissed by cats.
  12. Being able to cook for yourself (and others).
  13. Feeling like you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.
  14. Having someone to talk you off the cliff when you're spinning out.
  15. No outstanding warrants.
  16. Being able to change.
  17. Being able to do 50 push-ups or run a few miles.
  18. Being with someone you can share clothes with.