Inspired by @sarahgorman (she searched for "minion wedding" on Pinterest and the results were upsetting.. Also, her list is far better than this one) I SEARCHED "MINION WEDDING" ON PINTEREST AND THE RESULTS WERE UPSETTING
  1. I should start by saying I've never seen Minions.
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  2. But do they hate babies?
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  3. Because they're alcoholics?
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  4. Or because they want the fruit for themselves and the baby steals their fruit?
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  5. Or does the baby turn mean.. like a well-fed gremlin after midnight?
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  6. Scooby seems to like them.
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  7. They do seem a little sour.
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  8. But kind of fun as well.
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  9. And they like dressing up, which is cool.
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  10. I mean, this joker seems like a good time.
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  11. But honestly, still confused.
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  13. Bonus: Sheldon Minion tattoo as referenced by @sarahgorman in the comments
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