It takes me about 45 minutes each day to match how I feel to a pair of jeans. PSA: never wash denim, just stick them in the freezer to kill the stink.
  1. Aspirational
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    I got these because @alandelrio had a pair of light blue denim and he looked so fresh that I wanted to be him. I always wanna be him, tho, and these pants are the closest I'll come. I wear these 70% of the time, which I guess bodes well for my emotional stability as of late.
  2. Fragile
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    I try not to wear these too much because they are exactly as I want them to be, but are on the verge of falling apart (like me, 40% of the time).
  3. Industrious
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    I'm pretty sure motor oil was used in processing these jeans. They said Detroit on them, so I had to buy them, even though they were made nowhere near there.
  4. Hungover/Depressed/Sleepy/Any mood that would keep me in the apartment
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    @ashleycardiff dubbed these my "sweatjeans" because I would put them on as a person would sweatpants. They're from my husky years so they hang off me like a poncho.
  5. Claustrophobic
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    The first few times I wore these I lost circulation everywhere. I was promised they would break in and be my favorite but I'm too weak/impatient/distracted to deal with that since I could just wear my "sweatjeans" and breathe. I've resorted to cycling in them to expedite the break in period, but it only leads to pain.
  6. Open
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    Most of my jeans could probably qualify, but these have holes everywhere and are basically like wearing a mesh shirt.
  7. Conflicted
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    These are the midpoint of all my jeans. They're the exact same pair as "Open", just a few years younger. Maybe 3 years old? Those are 6? Not exactly sure. But whatever, when I don't know how I feel and find myself in a denim spiral, I reach for these.
  8. Optimistic
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    Only complaint is that these are a ladies cut that have short front pockets. Otherwise, they have a subtle rose/pink tint that I like on days that I'm pretty sure won't end in me dying.
  9. Disoriented
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    These stripes can be intense. Hopefully they can slow other people down to my speed.
  10. Nostalgic
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    Got these vintage 80s dad jeans that I can't even button up, but the legs are perfect. I don't understand waist measurements from that era; I think they're accurate and that throws everything off.
  11. Vulnerable
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    I like to believe the wax on these protect me from everything. I have another pair that I wore on a rainy 5-boro bike ride a few years back. They neither protected me nor themselves. But I still believe.
  12. Functional
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    Sure, I bought these used with the paint splatter, but I feel like they represent me well. They're kind of my new "sweatjeans"