Jeans and Their Mapping to My Emotional State

It takes me about 45 minutes each day to match how I feel to a pair of jeans. PSA: never wash denim, just stick them in the freezer to kill the stink.
  1. Aspirational
    I got these because @alandelrio had a pair of light blue denim and he looked so fresh that I wanted to be him. I always wanna be him, tho, and these pants are the closest I'll come. I wear these 70% of the time, which I guess bodes well for my emotional stability as of late.
  2. Fragile
    I try not to wear these too much because they are exactly as I want them to be, but are on the verge of falling apart (like me, 40% of the time).
  3. Industrious
    I'm pretty sure motor oil was used in processing these jeans. They said Detroit on them, so I had to buy them, even though they were made nowhere near there.
  4. Hungover/Depressed/Sleepy/Any mood that would keep me in the apartment
    @ashleycardiff dubbed these my "sweatjeans" because I would put them on as a person would sweatpants. They're from my husky years so they hang off me like a poncho.
  5. Claustrophobic
    The first few times I wore these I lost circulation everywhere. I was promised they would break in and be my favorite but I'm too weak/impatient/distracted to deal with that since I could just wear my "sweatjeans" and breathe. I've resorted to cycling in them to expedite the break in period, but it only leads to pain.
  6. Open
    Most of my jeans could probably qualify, but these have holes everywhere and are basically like wearing a mesh shirt.
  7. Conflicted
    These are the midpoint of all my jeans. They're the exact same pair as "Open", just a few years younger. Maybe 3 years old? Those are 6? Not exactly sure. But whatever, when I don't know how I feel and find myself in a denim spiral, I reach for these.
  8. Optimistic
    Only complaint is that these are a ladies cut that have short front pockets. Otherwise, they have a subtle rose/pink tint that I like on days that I'm pretty sure won't end in me dying.
  9. Disoriented
    These stripes can be intense. Hopefully they can slow other people down to my speed.
  10. Nostalgic
    Got these vintage 80s dad jeans that I can't even button up, but the legs are perfect. I don't understand waist measurements from that era; I think they're accurate and that throws everything off.
  11. Vulnerable
    I like to believe the wax on these protect me from everything. I have another pair that I wore on a rainy 5-boro bike ride a few years back. They neither protected me nor themselves. But I still believe.
  12. Functional
    Sure, I bought these used with the paint splatter, but I feel like they represent me well. They're kind of my new "sweatjeans"