1. So, last night I parked on a street I don't normally park on.
    Not too far from my place, but in a slightly sketchier spot.
  2. I *thought* I had locked my doors but...
  3. When walking towards my little car I was wondering if I was gonna have a ticket.
    I slightly overstayed the 1 hour parking rules on the street that started at 8am. It was like 9:20ish.
  4. No ticket in the dash, but something strange was hanging from the rear view mirror.
    Disconcerting since I normally do not have anything hanging from it.
  5. So I slow my walk and notice someone sleeping in my car.
    DTLA everyone.
  6. I stand outside the passenger side window with arms out like, "WTF?"
  7. He steps out and asks if the car is mine, I say "Well, yes..."
    In recounting this to @jeb, he's like "Does that even really matter??!" No, not really.
  8. He says he's only been in there a couple hours but evades my question on how he got in the car like 4 times.
    I wasn't sure if I had locked it, and now I'm sure I didn't. There was not signs of forced entry.
  9. He wanders off but I can smell his scent coming from inside the car while I'm still on the curb.
  10. A quick audit shows he ate my candy, used my paper towels as a pillow and stole my sunglasses.
    They were vintage aviators, but missing a nose pad, so whatever.
  11. He was peaceful tho, and that was cool.
    I can't blame him for sleeping my car since it was unlocked. It's way more comfy than the street.
  12. God I hope this Car Fabreze works.
    Anyone got any other suggestions to get the smell out? (I plan on getting it detailed now, but something to get me by until then)
  13. Ugh....
    Can't help but to feel a little violated, but could've been much worse.