All these are already top 1%, but as requested... (because of the heavy hug theme in my previous list: STORIES I TELL MY GIRLFRIEND NOW THAT I WORK ON THE LIST APP) Alternate title: A++++++ WILL HUG AGAIN!!
  1. Warm, genuine, firm; like a perfect handshake, but with your arms.
  2. Like hugging a best friend after a long time apart. For me, it's especially a treat, because I'm trying to soak in that purple aura through osmosis.
  3. You never want it to end. Did I mention how handsome he is?
  4. We're basically clones of each other with different haircuts, so a little weird to be hugging yourself. Compelling for the same reasons, tho.
  5. @aq1018
    It gets messy with all that soda flying around. Also, not enough data. I don't think we've hugged yet. But it's Monday, so that could end today.
  6. I'm on the bottom because I rarely shower and you want it to end immediately because of my uh.. scent. Except for my hair. My hair smells of lavender.
  7. Ok, gotta head to work for Monday hugs. It's @aq1018 first day!