To the tune of Blur's "End of The Century" -- Original here:
  1. She says that @dev's in the carpet
  2. Dirty listy monster
  3. Reading all the trending
  4. Relisting all the featured
  5. Gives it everpresence
  6. We need a little sparkle
  7. Good morning @giphy
  8. You're looking so healthy
  9. -------
  10. [chorus👇]
  11. We all list,
  12. "Don't want to be alone"
  13. We list all the same things
  14. Because we feel the same
  15. We list with dry lips
  16. When we say goodnight
  17. List of the Century, oh, it's something special..
  18. ---------
  19. Lists on the TV
  20. @Nicholas is at it
  21. The lists get dirty
  22. As you get closer (to thirty)
  23. B.J. gives her a cuddle
    @bjnovak (don't sing this part, his handle didn't flow)
  24. @minhal's glowing in a huddle
  25. Good night, @aq
  26. We're listed out
  27. And you're looking like you
  28. [chorus]
  29. Can you eat @jeb (yes you can)
  30. [chorus x2]
  31. Oh, List of the Century, oh, @sophia's special...