Live Listing a Fire

Hanging with Kate, @laurazak and @ashleycardiff
  1. 8:03pm
    Just getting going here, but high hopes.
  2. 8:07pm
    It's growing!!!
  3. 8:16pm
    More wood! Well, a little.
  4. 8:24pm
    Something went wrong.
  5. 8:27pm
    Touching tips. Trying to reignite the night.
  6. 8:30pm
    I think we're back! This is way more thrilling than intended.
  7. 8:39pm
    It's the Andrew W.K. of fires now.
  8. 8:51pm
    It's kinda just settling in now. Probably this for a while. Like a fire does.
  9. 9:28pm
    We poured water on it.