My favorite thing to chug is...

Please add the beverage you feel compelled to finish once it touches your lips... (Sorry I don't have a better word than chug for 'drink quickly until completion') (feel free to suggest better words for chug, as well)
  1. Orangina
    From a can. I love this more than I should. That mouthfeel!
  2. Arnold Palmer
    Suggested by   @jeb
  3. Sunkist Sparkling Lemonade
    Suggested by   @roche
  4. Dick.
    Suggested by   @joannfabrics
  5. Vaginal discharge
    Suggested by   @lesbian
  6. Martinelli's apple cider
    Suggested by   @shanaz
    Suggested by   @lesbian
  8. Iced caramel macchiato
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  9. Michelob Ultra
    Basically water but sort of counts as beer
    Suggested by   @charlie
  10. Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino
    No shame
    Suggested by   @krista_da
  11. Fog Point Vodka
    Expensive ass vodka made with fog from the San Francisco bay. I can't make this shit up.
    Suggested by   @That_Girl
  12. Coffee coffee coffee coffee
    Any kind at any time
    Suggested by   @RachelApproved
  13. European Fanta!
    It's so different from the bullshit toxic orange shit they sell in the States!
    Suggested by   @element75
  14. Orangeade
    Suggested by   @TheDude
  15. Vitaminwater!!!
    Suggested by   @jhoppe32