1. (I feel like I change my bio more often than I tweet, and although they aren't that interesting, I'll try and log them here for questionable reasons)
  2. your funeral
  3. good with matches
  4. lucky
  5. if you shoot an arrow and it goes real high, hooray for you — dorian corey
  6. my beard was actually my beard
  7. going through a moment here
  8. recovering cult member
  9. if middle fingers are wings then i'm a bird
  10. my life right now is the equivalent of changing clothes in public
  11. I am a human panic button
  12. i am a social suicide bomber
  13. fuck it i'm gonna smile and see what happens
  14. i often just spend hours writing my name on post-its and throwing them away
  15. triggers are just conversation starters
  16. dramedy in its 41st season