1. Humility point one: No vanity plate
    This confounded me.
  2. Humility point two: matte paint job
  3. Liked to rev engine really high. Like 2nd gear at 35 mph so the RPMS were like 8000
  4. Related: seemed scared to shift.
    Probably used to automatic transmissions.
  5. Passenger was playing Pokemon Go
  6. Both dudes in tank tops.
    Just some regulars dudes. Nbd
  7. Looked like a brown batmobile
    But pointless.
  8. Couldn't figure out how wide their car was.
    They almost hit me by lane floating.
  9. Looks uncomfortable.
  10. The passenger looked a bit embarrassed.
    Seems reasonable.
  11. I was embarrassed for them.
  12. @lesbian published like 5 lists while I was next to this car.