Yeah, we all know Flounce, the one that started it all. It's fun to talk about. Here's some new bullshit words. Add your own bullshit.
  1. Flit
    Flaunt-Quit - "I totally flitted on Friday, my boss was flissed"
  2. Flissed
    Flaunt-pissed - I used it above. A dramatic performance of being mad mixed with victimization.
  3. Flivileged
    The worst kind of privileged person. Someone who flaunts their privilege. Privilege happens. It's not the worst thing to be privileged, as long as you are aware of it and hate yourself, or make up for it in some way, otherwise maybe it is the worst. Ugh, the flivileged. For the record, I hate myself. A lot.
  4. Flommelier
    Flaunt+sommelier: Someone who shows off their wine knowledge when most people in the room couldn't give a fuck. Please stop saying "wine program". Yeah, I'm toasted on a great pet-nat right now but I have no time for this shit. People just say it a lot so I buy it. See: flivileged.
  5. Flocabulary
    Flaunt-vocabulary - "God I hate that kid with that fucking flocabulary, yeah, we fucking get it, you read dictionaries and have a memory." Can also be a positive thing if involved in hip-hop because flow, obvs, "Her flocabulary is remarkable. I will stream her record often and consider even buying it, but probably not because the music industry is totally fucked"
  6. Flabs
    Flaunt-abs - to flaunt your abs. The word is ironic or something.
  7. Fleaning
    Flaunt-cleaning : passively aggressively flaunting that you are doing household chores so that your partner ends up resenting you, and probably leaving you.
  8. Floodworking
    Flaunt+woodworking : omg yeah, you're good with your hands. You build things. You're fucking Jesus. Congrats. Splinters.
  9. Flocreate
    Fucking breeders. Flaunt + procreate. Wonderful, you're terrible together and you made a baby. You did something. You failed at everything else. But yeah, pretty cute baby. I guess. It's alive, great job. Keep showing it off. It's a blob.
  10. Flivot
    To really show off the left turn your company is taking. @JeremyPivot
    Suggested by @dev