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  1. Is this an ashtray?
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  2. No idea why this came up, but I love it.
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  3. And then the vegetables.
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  4. Big carrot dicks.
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  5. Little carrot dicks.
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  6. Erect potatoes.
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  7. Just a lot to deal with here.
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  8. A self portrait.
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  9. A perfect helmet. Classic.
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  10. This prick comes up for every search in some way.
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  11. I guess this is phallic.
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  12. I forgot what I searched for here, but seemed worth including.
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  13. Oh little buddy! Dick chest!
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  14. Back to produce. This strawberry is quite tempting.
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  15. Threatening.
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  16. Peter Pepper!
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    This is actually what this type of pepper is called. Thanks @jhope71 !
  17. Of course a cactus comes up.
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  18. This is not phallic, image search.
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  19. Flowers too!
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  20. The one that started it all.... Love this cutie.
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