I tried to sound ironic with "really cool" but I think I failed.
  1. White Zombie
    Listen to "Gentleman Junkie" and tell me you don't hear a little Violent Femmes, Talking Heads and Jonathan Richman.
  2. The Monkees
    If Noel Gallagher can help write one of their songs, the least I can do is listen to it.
  3. ——— what about you people?
  4. Thee Oh Sees!
    If you like excited lead guitar you will like The Dream.
    Suggested by @llamaface
  5. Johnnyswim
    Married singer-songwriters with beautiful voices and catchy but not overly simplistic tunes. You may have heard Homes already; try Diamonds and Don't Let It Get You Down.
    Suggested by @LizDawson
    First album was 90's inspired rock, second album is poppier.
    Suggested by @MatthewAlmont
  7. Richard Hell & the Voidoids
    Blank Generation album
    Suggested by @element75