1. Alone on my roof.
    This used to always be the case.
  2. Watched a sunset. Coming down.
    Reference: This shit again
  3. Kiiiinda freezing!
  4. Wishing I had socks on.
  5. Or boots
    With socks, BUT WHICH SOCKS IDK
  6. Drinking a double modelo
  7. Smoking some of the last cigarettes of my life
    I keep telling myself I'm gonna quit, and confessing that on the list app helps me feel guilty? Guilt solves problems right?
  8. Thinking life is pretty ok.
  9. Have you listened to the new King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizards record?
    I just like saying that and yes I said it out fucking loud as I typed it.
  10. UPDATE: I put on grey socks