Inspired by @jeb as he noticed me double fisting these things in the office. Now show me your smoothies. Any recent photo will do.
  1. This green on @dev made
    The "healthy" one. Kale, pineapple, orange juice, yogurt, strawberries, mango, banana, and fucking blueberries. It's tart and delicious.
  2. This coffee one @ashleycardiff made
    For the record, I *can* make my own smoothies, I'm just lucky that people wanna make them for me. This one I have everyday. Well, most. It replaces almost all meals. It has coffee concentrate frozen into cubes, almond milk, bananas, dates, cinnamon and Himalayan pink salt (duh!)
  3. I made all gone!
    Thanks, @dev
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  4. Spinach-blueberry-banana smoothie
    Suggested by @RachelP
  5. Strawberry Banana Yogurt smoothie. 🍌
    This is what I just had for lunch. Some is Leftover in the fridge for tomorrow.
    Suggested by @solitarygigi