1. "I don't think I've ever had orange wine. Is that really a thing?"
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  2. "Green is my favorite color. No, orange. Shit. Maybe it is green."
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  3. "I'm still really fucking pissed about Rdio shutting down."
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  4. "Yeah, and Apple Music is terrible."
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  5. "And fucking Spotify. It makes my eyes bleed."
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  6. "I guess it's time to relent and listen to podcasts."
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  7. "I miss cocaine."
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  8. "I haven't seen a movie in ages. Maybe I should watch Carol."
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  9. "I'm with @sophia, Carol was shit."
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  10. "Fuck you, Carol was great."
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  11. "Carol was fine."
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  12. "If I get one more unsolicited opinion on Carol, I'm gonna shit outside the box."
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  13. "You always threaten that. But you can never bring yourself to actually do it."
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  14. "I swear I hid an eight ball in here."
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  15. "We're out of cocaine?"
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  16. "Tons of heroin tho."
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  17. "A little less than you think."
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  18. "I pretty much only listen to Spacemen 3 nowadays."
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  19. "Too drone-y for me, but I like the gospel elements."
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  20. "No one cares what you think about Spacemen 3."
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