Some Pasta but Mostly Pizza Tattoos 🍕🍝

Add your own. God I hope there's someone with one on @list
  1. I wish there was more pasta tattoos, like this.
  2. ...and obviously this one.
  3. but they kinda devolve after a while into shit like this.
  4. Pizza, though... won't break your heart.
  5. The Devil's pizza
  6. Pizza is about commitment.
  7. Big eyes, I know yr the one.
  8. A little too Freddy Kreuger for me.
  9. Nothing I can write is better than this tattoo.
  10. Puns work with pizza. Like most toppings.
  11. Pizzarati.
  12. Pizza forever.
  13. Shitty tattoos. Great friends.
  14. Fear pizza.
  15. Pizza parties are the best parties.
  16. All pizzas should look like this.
  17. Trust bears. They know.
  18. Unconditional.
  19. I pray to pizza.
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  20. I knew I had taken a screenshot of another!!!
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  21. My friend, Kevin's
    Suggested by   @laserbehm
  22. And mine 🍕
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