Add your own. God I hope there's someone with one on @list
  1. I wish there was more pasta tattoos, like this.
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  2. ...and obviously this one.
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  3. but they kinda devolve after a while into shit like this.
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  4. Pizza, though... won't break your heart.
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  5. The Devil's pizza
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  6. Pizza is about commitment.
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  7. Big eyes, I know yr the one.
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  8. A little too Freddy Kreuger for me.
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  9. Nothing I can write is better than this tattoo.
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  10. Puns work with pizza. Like most toppings.
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  11. Pizzarati.
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  12. Pizza forever.
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  13. Shitty tattoos. Great friends.
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  14. Fear pizza.
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  15. Pizza parties are the best parties.
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  16. All pizzas should look like this.
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  17. Trust bears. They know.
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  18. Unconditional.
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  19. I pray to pizza.
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    Suggested by @alanarogerrrrs
  20. I knew I had taken a screenshot of another!!!
    46e5e208 cc00 46e8 8807 48d5dbfa810d
    Suggested by @alanarogerrrrs
  21. My friend, Kevin's
    Cf9c98b5 a1a4 43ae 9361 c84b8a0d8d52
    Suggested by @laserbehm
  22. And mine 🍕
    3cad4d16 3eb3 45de 9953 289320680e70
    Suggested by @laserbehm