A follow up piece (followlist?) to my previous list: "STORIES" I WOULD TELL MY GIRLFRIEND WHEN WORKING FROM HOME in which I list the mundane things I would tell @ashleycardiff when working from home. "Stories" I Would Tell My Girlfriend When Working From Home
  1. They're making me office DJ; this is by far the most anxiety I've felt in years.
    I knew I shouldn't have made that top 10 most played albums on my rdio list. I don't think they want to listen to Black Moth Super Rainbow and The Horrors on endless repeat they way I do. I just keep panic playing Blur which seems to satisfy them. Also, my pop playlist was deemed a downer. I realized afterwards that post-punk never counts as pop.
  2. I've ruined the office by introducing them to PKPKT.
    @dev can often be heard cursing from across the room. He's by far the worst thief, but improving everyday.
  3. They're all obsessed with @Meatball, as they should be.
    Bringing her onto @list is by far my biggest accomplishment at this company.
  4. @Nicholas was playing Sloan when I got to the office today.
    I love him now.
  5. I've convinced @dev that we need to build an outdoor shower.
    He says it's the best idea I've had for the company thus far. They've already discussed all of my product ideas.
  6. After telling my therapist how handsome @Nicholas is, she responds, "Is this going to be problematic?"
  7. Everyone hugged everyone else twice today.
    @bjnovak clarified that we don't need to do that everyday. I like hugs, but glad it's not a job requirement.
  8. @Nicholas requested I play The Black Lips.
    I love him now.
  9. Everyone here is on WGA health insurance.
    We're mostly TV industry WAGs... btw, should we get married? I hear your insurance is great.
  10. @Nicholas is playing The Smiths.
    I love him now.
  11. Seriously, all they talk about is @Meatball.
  12. An enumeration of the new things at Gjusta and how they changed my life.
    I actually eat during the day now.
  13. The new guy, Aaron/@aq1018, spilled soda while hugging @bjnovak after accepting the job.
    Oh my god Aaron is awesome and his hair will fit in perfectly at our office. Oh, and hey! I'm not the new guy anymore! Ok, I don't think any soda actually got on B.J., but nearly! Both @Nicholas and I regret not making a "Well, now you're fired" joke.
  14. You're going to love all of these people.
    Holy shit what a crew of gems.
  15. I think @sophia is the woman with the purple vibe my tarot card reader told me about.
    I don't know if she's worn purple lately, but I kinda think she has a purple aura and she's a goddam inspiration, just like the cards said.
  16. Talking with people irl is fun.
  17. There's a dog in the office. @dev is smitten!
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  18. They're all so good at talking on the phone.
    Please see my list THINGS I'M BAD AT for context.
  19. It's weird knowing people in LA that you don't.
  20. I'm pretty sure I beat @dev on PKPKT today because he was looking at @Meatball pics.
  21. I love how huggy this office is.
  22. Just look at these magnificent basterds.
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    Photo credit: @sophia
  23. I don't want to kill myself anymore.
  24. People still leave voicemail.