Loud noises, construction, etc. that I would tell @ashleycardiff about before I started working @list. h/t to @ashleycardiff for pitching in on these. 💋
  1. There was a different UPS guy
  2. New things at the bodega
  3. Who texted me
  4. Neighbors' dogs I saw
  5. Recent building sounds
  6. I showered today
    Every Thursday, usually
  7. Things the doorman may have said
  8. I did/did not eat today
  9. There was an earthquake today
    There wasn't
  10. Various unintelligible screeds
    Whether by-products of specific frustrations or isolation madness
  11. No no, I'm pretty sure there was an earthquake today
    There wasn't
  12. Things I saw on the Internet
  13. There's a sound in the utility closet I can't figure out
  14. The upstairs neighbors occasionally drop marbles
  15. People still leave voicemail