Sunday Cookie Sunday

We went to a friends place tonight. I didn't know this was gonna happen, but upon arrival there was a table full of Girl Scout cookies for sale. Pay dirt.
  1. Box 1: Samoas
    I'm eating this entire box tonight.
  2. Box 2: Thin Mints
    Mint and chocolate is an all-time favorite. I will eat these for breakfast tomorrow. The entire box.
  3. Box 3: Savannah Smiles
    Unexpected as I always forget they exist, but I'm a sucker for zesty lemon dusted with powdered sugar. I'm allowing myself one of these every other day to extend my delight. Unless they start tasting stale at which point I'll just eat all that is left immediately.
  4. Box 4: more Samoas
    Like most people, I love these more than anything. I am saving these for a quiet evening alone where I can take a bath, relax and eat the whole fucking box myself.