Some typographic, some in my handwriting.
  1. "Mermaid in a martini glass"
    Left forearm
  2. "El Barto"
    Behind my ear
  3. "A portrait of the first person I slept with"
    Not sure where
  4. "A skooner"
    Inner bottom lip, no piercings tho
  5. "Heart with my moms name under it"
    Right bicep
  6. "Your funeral"
    Across my chest
  7. "A pin up girl with unrealistic proportions, texting"
    Below the mom tattoo mentioned above
  8. "A dragon fucking a unicorn saying, "Thanks, Obama""
    Clavicle, but haven't decided who is really saying it. I feel like the unicorn, but kinda think the dragon would be more earnest. And I love an earnest dragon.
  9. "Scissors"
    Right forearm
  10. "Kenneth Anger wuz here"
    Palm of my hand (right)
  11. "And here"
    Palm of my hand (left)
  12. "An over-simplified butcher's diagram of a pig"
  13. "Chewbacca doing a line of coke"
    Inner left bicep
  14. "The Brooklyn Bridge"
    Small of my back
  15. "Free Willy"
    Left side of my neck
  16. "2016 Forever"
    Collar bone
  17. "Tomorrow we die"
    Inner left bicep
  18. kiss today / fuck tomorrow
    (Thanks JAMC) split up with left and right collar bones