h/t @lesbian for her master list of contraceptives that got me thinking about this again. https://li.st/l/5vNDMdUeEOgkAdZXsdfQmU
  1. Birth control shouldn't be expensive.
  2. Birth control should be effective.
  3. Birth control shouldn't be dangerous.
  4. And women shouldn't have to bear the brunt of birth control.
  5. But right now, male contraception is basically wearing condoms or getting a vasectomy.
  6. It's generally agreed that condoms suck.
  7. And they break.
  8. People sex drunk a lot and make bad decisions about actually using them.
  9. People make bad decisions while sober as well.
    Pulling out is a terrible idea no matter how good you are at it. The hubris.
  10. Vasectomies are scary because surgery is scary.
  11. Reversing them is scary as well because surgery is still scary.
  12. Almost all other birth control is targeted towards women's because I dunno, the patriarchy? Men's apathy?
    Any reason is shitty and it's just as much responsibility of the male partner because, presumably, both participants get something out of sex and should share the burden of birth control.
  13. So what if there was a birth control for men that was cheap, effective and barely invasive that works for about 10 years without much risk?
  14. RISUG is basically that.
    It stands for "Reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance"
  15. Here's how it works:
    Basically, it smashes the shit out of sperm upon ejaculation. (Vasagel is just the patented form of RISUG)
  16. It's a polymer injection the contents of which costs about as much as the disposable syringe you use to inject it.
  17. It's easily reversible with just another injection.
    An updated version of it can be reversed even less invasively with microwaves or something? Amazing.
  18. In a study of 250, only one unexpected pregnancy occurred, which was a result of improperly injecting the polymer in the first place.
  19. So why don't we have it?
  20. Money, probably.
  21. Think of all those pills big pharm wouldn't be selling.
  22. Then the condom sales.
  23. Or any of the other expensive options out there.
  24. RISUG was invented 30 years ago in India.
  25. What's taking so long?
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