Guaranteed to make your life difficult, boring and to annoy your friends. It's bound to catch on when everyone is done putting butter in their coffee and dragging heavy things down the street.
  1. Only one shirt, ever.
    The best shirt. You have to burn your other shirts.
  2. Same for pants, underwear, skirts, jumpsuits and ponchos.
    Or, whatever is in your wardrobe. Whatever you wear, only one of them.
  3. You eat the same thing, for every meal, everyday. It will be the thing you like eating the most.
    No exceptions. This can change over time, but you must ceremoniously kill the previous meal.. like with a blender or something. Takes a while with a sword but up to you.
  4. Only one beverage.
    You should probably pick water.
  5. You say only one thing.
    Don't pick "YOLO"—this step is usually where The Highlander Method forces you to be alone, forever.
  6. You only go to one website.
  7. You only drive to one place.
  8. You can have only one friend.
  9. You can listen to only one song
  10. You can only watch one movie, Highlander.
  11. You can optionally watch Outlander on TV, but that's just because it's great.
  12. You have to use the same cleanser for your face, body, hair, etc.
    I'm buying stock in Dr. Bronners.
  13. You only have sex in one position.
    This will unfortunately default to masturbation—you don't get to really chose this. It's more of a symptom than a tenet of The Highlander Method. You get to pick the hand or toy, though, so that's something.