The Unnecessarily Graphic Origin Story of my Avatar

@Lisa_Fav asked the story of my avatar so here we go. There will be blood.
  1. Five years ago, @ashleycardiff and I were hungry. We decided to buy a fish and have fun with the parts.
  2. We became fast friends with this mackerel and decided to make it live forever by having a photo shoot.
  3. The fish didn't seem to mind.
  4. We didn't really know what we were doing but we watched a YouTube video or two and then just got the knives out.
  5. And stuck our fingers in.
  6. We explored a little.
  7. Then just started ripping parts out.
  8. We made a couple cuts behind its cheeks/gills because we needed that head off.
    We didn't really need the head off. It's more that we wanted to get it off.
  9. We did it.
    Back to exploring. Hands back in the main cavity.
  10. A quick rinse!
  11. It's fun to hold a headless fish like this.
  12. You should try it!
  13. Oh right, the head...
    Bored and ready.
  14. This was inevitable.
  15. This wasn't, but we did it anyways.
  16. Now we're just committed to making this gruesome.
  17. "Success"
    Attainable goals. Sometimes just planning to "rip something's guts out" is a good enough place to start.
  18. Mostly, we just wanted to play with its decapitated head.
  19. This is an album cover for a Swedish darkwave band.
  20. The back cover.
  21. Something a little more candid.
    For flyers and posters and such.
  22. Ashley put the raw fish head in her mouth first.
    Always the case.
  23. And I'm a natural follower.
  24. So birthed my avatar photo.
    I use this pretty much everywhere.
  25. But we still needed to eat.
    So we stopped playing with the parts and put the rest of the dish together. We threw the head in there for good measure tho.
  26. We had to stuff it a little.
    We just wanted to put more things inside of it, I think. But it came out pretty well!
  27. And then we ate it.
  28. Thanks for the good times, dead fish.