I'm at @spillman's with @neil and @ashleycardiff. I think we're ordering food soon.
  1. It's fucking hot today in LA.
    Still, not too bad. Pretty dry.
  2. Lol.. Assplay.
    Because of that joke about Girls and the statue. Haven't seen how Girls takes on this topic but glad breeders are getting into butt stuff.
  3. This book is great.
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    I might steal it.
  4. So hungry
  5. This wine is pretty good. The dude at silverlake wine said it was from the Achilles' heel of Italy.
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  6. Still my hero.
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  7. Veep is great.
  8. The Voice is still on?
  9. Love this steely look from Jessica Lange when The Voice won whatever they won.
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    Props to @spillman for catching this and rewinding things. And for generally knowing how to use the television remote. I'm terrible at it.
  10. Seriously, I love this book.
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  11. Fuck this. I'm gonna Irish goodbye and take this book with me.
  12. Oh wait, Terence Howard is on stage. I wonder if he's gonna beat up a woman.
    I hope not, but with his track record you never know.
  13. I fucking love you. And your orange dress.
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  14. Fine, I'll stay. Still hungry.
    I hate eating alone.
  15. 💋
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  16. Update: I want Frances McDormand's hair.
  17. Update: I wanna have Jon Hamm's baby.