Reference list: Today
  1. Woke up
  2. Fell out of bed
  3. Dragged a comb across my head
    Ok, lying again. I don't comb or brush this mop
  4. Went to Whole Foods 365 with a buddy before he had to catch a flight.
    I bought nothing.
  5. Stalked an old friend on Facebook that I ran into last night that I hadn't seen in about 10 years.
    He's in a band called Drakkar Nowhere now, with another acquaintance of mine I haven't seen in years. We played a few shows together way back. I miss playing shows.
  6. Listened to their DJ set on soundcloud.
  7. Read some of the book, The Moviegoer
  8. Looked at some @list code
  9. Cried
    Lying again, but close.
  10. Showered
    Not sure on order with this but it TOTALLY happened.
  11. Watched some of Todd Margeret
  12. Read some shit about cults and fundamentalists
  13. Went to Proof bakery in Atwater and ate a Croque Monsieur and drank an iced coffee.
  14. Bought some women's pants at a consignment shop
    Ok, unisex... And a little small for me, but that's ok, they aren't really for me anyways.
  15. Watched some more Todd Margeret
    Getting less and less relatable, but whatever, it's background noise.
  16. Wrote a little code
  17. Listened to Angel Olsen's new record, My Woman
    Listen to this right now. It's great.
  18. Smoked a half pack of cigarettes.
    Now the wine is beginning.
  19. Got a list request from @bjnovak
    About to publish. No idea where this night may lead.