1. Dog will no longer roll over and off a cliff.
    Generally aware of its surroundings for this trick. Not tested in all conditions. Rollover at own risk.
  2. Farts less.
  3. Jesus mode! Dog now plays dead for 3 full days and then promptly runs away.
    Still working on the dog's return. Workaround: use two electric fences or creative use of a nail gun.
  4. Some under the hood fixes.
  5. Dog is less racist.
    Dog still hates the French. Can't figure it out.
  6. Will not eat itself to death if it discovers mountain of food.
    Will react to a full stomach and not explode from gluttony. Depends on food, but generally.
  7. Can now run on 3 legs if necessary.
  8. Does not eat shit off the sidewalk.
    Doesn't need it. So it doesn't eat it.
  9. Doesn't fuck with skunks anymore.
    Still fucks with squirrels.
  10. Known issue: Still not as smart as a pig.
  11. Known issue: Eats tennis balls instead of fetching them.