1. wow you guys
  2. like
  3. what the fuck happened
  4. too much
  5. too little
  6. everything
  7. nothing
  8. we made lists about it all
  9. about love
  10. about hate
  11. about hate crimes
  12. about vibrators
  13. about elections
  14. about mental health
  15. about male contraception
  16. about our trauma
  17. about our families
  18. about our dogs
  19. about doing coke at joann fabrics
  20. about what we wore
  21. about knife collections
  22. about men posting next to mountains on tinder
  23. about our fears
  24. we wrote stories
  25. you fucking made me cry and laugh more than any other community
  26. we made great friendships
  27. (in the office and out)
  28. we cared and we fought
  29. you made something special out of yet another social network
  30. but you didn’t bring your friends, so i blame you (jk)
  31. i’m jeremysomething everywhere; don’t be a stranger
  32. my life has changed so much during my time at list... i’m so grateful i was here with you.
  33. i love you, it’s true
  34. 💋
  35. Static