1. Opprobrium : (noun) harsh criticism or censure
  2. Unexpurgated : (adj.) total, not lacking
    thesaurus.com, ironically, looking up another word. Although, this one you can kind of suss out without looking up. I just have no self-confidence.
  3. Adze : (noun) a tool similar to an ax with an arched blade at right angles to the handle, used for cutting or shaping large pieces of wood.
    Carl Jung : Man and His Symbols (I feel like this book is gonna add a lot to this list)
  4. Piquancy : (noun) a pleasantly sharp and appetizing flavor.
    The Brothers Karamazov (after looking this up, I really shoulda been able to guess this)
  5. Effrontery : (noun) shameless or impudent boldness; barefaced audacity.
    Again, Brothers Karamazov and pretty much knew this from you know, reading a book before and context, but never had read the actual definition so whatever I looked it up.
  6. Physiognomy : (noun) the face or countenance, especially when considered as an index to the character
    Brothers Karamazov, this whole list might be triggered by this book.
  7. Abnegation : (noun) the act of relinquishing or giving up a right, possession, etc.
    Brothers Karamazov, on the topic of choosing an elder.
  8. Pleurisy : (noun) inflammation of the pleurae, which impairs their lubricating function and causes pain when breathing. It is caused by pneumonia and other diseases of the chest or abdomen.
    The Mind of the Bible Believer by Edmund D. Cohen
  9. Pap : (noun) a woman's breast or nipple.
    Brothers Karamazov, it was completely obvious from the context but I had to confirm.
  10. Pegging : (verb) reversed heterosexual anal sex. The female using a strap-on to penetrate the male.
    From texting with @Lisa_Fav, showing age here, but I always used this word in reference to tight-rolling your jeans at the ankle, as we did in the 80s. Ashamed to be behind on this slang.
  11. Paroxysm : (noun) a sudden attack or violent expression of a particular emotion or activity.
    Brothers Karamazov
  12. Parricide : (noun) the killing of a parent or other near relative.
    Brothers Karamazov
  13. Nota bene : not really a word, but a phrase, Latin, meaning 'note well,' to draw attention to something important about to be said.
    Brothers Karamazov
  14. Autochthonous : (adjective) (of an inhabitant of a place) indigenous rather than descended from migrants or colonists.
    The Mind of the Bible-Believer
  15. Perspicacity: (noun) the quality of having a ready insight into things; shrewdness.
    The Mind of the Bible-Believer