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Just like some ideas for homo sapien 2.0. Think about it evolution.
  1. Stop absorbing fat
  2. Remove anxiety inducing memory
  3. On off switch for sleep
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  1. No talking policy, like we both duct tape our mouths before getting in the car
  2. Motorcycles with side cars
  3. Little alchohols from the minibar
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  1. 1.
    I'm talking a channel for one show or random shows. Now I bet you're thinking, what? No, that's the reason we have Netflix, but hear me out. There is something, some energy that you get from knowing other people are watching something with you. Call me crazy, but I want that feeling and the feeling of no commercials to have a baby. I want that baby to entertain me.
  2. 2.
    Specialized rating system
    I'm not saying I don't trust the general populous but I don't. I need ratings from like minded individuals and by that I mean people that watch action and comedy movies with like 3 exceptions. I don't need David the documentarian to tell me he didn't learn anything from gone in 60 seconds, I know David.
  3. 3.
    A food ordering system
    It's been 6 episodes are you still watching? Yes, no, yes and Id like a pizza cause I'm getting hungry. It doesn't need to be crazy, but if they wanted to, it could be themed. Watching godfather? How about a cannoli?
2 more...
  1. Cough
  2. The fakeout sneeze
  3. Tripping
  4. Farting
Are you glued to your phone? Who isn't, here's a couple handy ways to break the insane co-dependence.
  1. No pooping with the phone, that's you time.
  2. After 2 minutes of reading/playing think: would I be okay with reading or playing this not on my phone?
  3. Are you missing something? Yes, learn to accept it.
  4. Change pockets. Muscle memory is powerful.
TV movies are a weird beast all their own, they don't quite work like regular movies. First they are broken up by commercials, which break flow, second no cursing. What it really comes down to is the movie must be good in chunks. This is a list of chunk movies.
  1. Rush hour
    Rush hour blends all the greatness of 90's race relations between blacks and Chinese people with a buddy cop flick. Every scene is amazing and it keeps me up at night that dave Chappelle could have been in it. What could have been? I don't know, but the existing movie is better than anything we could have ever hoped for
  2. Con Air
    Nick cage, check, hair, check, southern accent that doesn't actually sound like any southern person, check, Nick Cage as a sex symbol? Are you kidding me? I haven't even gotten to the insane eclectic cast that I have no idea how they assembled. This movie is so good it lands a plane on the vegas strip both physically and psychologically, not an easy task.
  3. The Matrix
    The mind fuck of all mind fucks. This movie has layers and all of them are amazing. Sure it has a weird green tint that caused all of hollywood to believe that "every movie should have a color, probably grey" and Keanu Reeves, but this movie was amazing. Keanu did this and Bill and Teds excellent adventure, who doesn't have range?
  4. The Dark knight
    Batman, I should just stop there, but I won't. There are plot holes, sure but I can watch that movie out of order and it will be amazing. Bonus points if you have seen interviews with Tom Waits from back in the day. If you haven't I'll wait. Okay? Done? Good, now how much more amazing is heaths performance? Are people going to talk about the terrible batman voice in 20 years when our kids are making fun of this movie? Of course, but who's their joker going to be?