1. Channels
    I'm talking a channel for one show or random shows. Now I bet you're thinking, what? No, that's the reason we have Netflix, but hear me out. There is something, some energy that you get from knowing other people are watching something with you. Call me crazy, but I want that feeling and the feeling of no commercials to have a baby. I want that baby to entertain me.
  2. Specialized rating system
    I'm not saying I don't trust the general populous but I don't. I need ratings from like minded individuals and by that I mean people that watch action and comedy movies with like 3 exceptions. I don't need David the documentarian to tell me he didn't learn anything from gone in 60 seconds, I know David.
  3. A food ordering system
    It's been 6 episodes are you still watching? Yes, no, yes and Id like a pizza cause I'm getting hungry. It doesn't need to be crazy, but if they wanted to, it could be themed. Watching godfather? How about a cannoli?
  4. Countdown feature
    I can't keep track of what contracts are about to run out. I need to know what movies you are about to pull Netflix. This is how it usually goes, I've been eyeing a movie for a couple of weeks, but don't want to put it on the list cause then it will get cocky( I don't want to seem to interested) then I forget about the movie. A month or so later i think what ever happened to... And it's gone.
  5. See all
    I don't know what algorithm they are running, but movies with a strong female lead can't still be on my categories. I don't have anything against women or them being leads, but can we shake it up? I've since started to start and stop a series of other movies at random in hopes of decoding the Netflix system to no avail. Plain and simple I need to be able to see more movies if not all of them, at least have a switch up the categories feature.