Top 10 Biblical Stories

More or less in chronological order...
  1. Creation
    I'm a sucker for a good Origin story. "God set let there be light and" Twist: "There was light."
  2. Eve, The Apple, & The Serpent
    Thanks for the lifelong fear of snakes, Satan.
  3. Noah's Arc
    Noah was the like the OG Animal Rights Activist (other than The Big Guy Upstairs).
  4. The Tower Of Babel
    As someone who studies linguistics, I find this explanation of multiple languages oddly fascinating.
  5. Moses Parting The Red Sea
    Throwback to the time God and Moses did a collab and said, "F@€& Slavery." Even though the movie Exodus ruined it.
  6. The Nativity Scene
    You know some hotel night manager got so fired after he had to tell his boss he made Mary, Joseph, and Jesus spend the night in a barn. They should have just used Air B&B.
  7. The Apostle Thomas Witnessing Christ
    Seeing is believing. Plus, it was in Boyhood so like, points.
  8. The Footprints Anecdote
    I'm not sure if this actually comes from the Bible, but it tells of a man on a long journey who looks back to either see one or two sets of footprints. He asks Jesus why he abandoned him (the one footprint stretches), but Jesus responds that the times that the man felt abandoned and lost were actually the times that Jesus was carrying him.
  9. The Part Where The Devil Went Down To Georgia
    This is definitely in there. Can't find it though.
  10. Revelations
    The original post-apocalyptic blockbuster. And weirdly, also the last.