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Keyword: NEED
  1. Patagonia
  2. San Francisco
  3. Machu Picchu
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  1. 0-60 2.8
  2. Titanium Metallic Paint
  3. Grey 21" Rims
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  1. When you greet someone entering your business and they ignore you.
    They actually look at you but refuse to respond and act like they looked right through you.
  2. When customers argue with education points you are telling them.
    Their ethos is entirely based off internet learnin'.
  3. When someone thinks you can (or will) get them a discount.
    Sorry bestie, this is a business and someone has to pay to keep the lights on...
  4. When people yell at you for a multitude of reasons:
    They want a refund on a 'final sale' item, they want a discount, they are mad that you personally sold every last item of the product they wanted in order to specifically prevent them from purchasing it, or you forgot that the customer knows best and didn't break every rule in order to accommodate their irrational needs.
  1. When I over-eat fast food.
    I can't have people knowing how many calories I eat some days.
  2. When I eat meat.
    I hate meat and claim vegetarian but eat chicken once and a while. It's usually fast food. #classy
  3. When I have greasy hair.
    Flat hair, round face.
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  1. Vegan meals I made.
  2. Anything with kale.
  3. Sushi I binge on.
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