1. Weird dreams I've had
  2. Favorite actors
  3. Favorite movies
  4. Favorite movie/tv quotes
  5. Movies I could watch every day
  6. Trailers that were better than the movie
  7. Unpopular opinions
  8. Favorite snapchat filters
  9. Screenshots on my phone explained
  10. Random pics on my phone explained
  11. Things that remind me of summer 16
  12. Favorite grey's characters/episodes/deaths
  13. Wikipedia holes I've fallen down
  14. Movies everyone hated except for me
  15. Favorite/least favorite words
  16. Harry Potter movies/books/characters ranked
  17. Things that make me a grandma
  18. Movies with the "no dad, I'm giving up your dream" plot line
  19. Weird food combinations that only I like
  20. The best places to get sweet tea ranked
  21. Weird stuff that's made me cry