Weird Stories From When I Was a Kid

  1. I tried to watch "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" everyday for the rest of my life
    I lasted like two days
  2. I wanted to dedicate an entire summer to learning to do things with my left hand
    I lasted like two hours
  3. I had a set of plastic food and there was an eggplant in the set and my grandma told me that if I planted it, a real eggplant would grow
    I believed it for way too long
  4. I thought Christmas trees grew from magic pine cones
    Once again I believed it for way too long
  5. My grandma told me my dad would live longer than me
    At the time it made sense to me, but now I think she knows something that I don't
  6. I got a Velcro shirt for my birthday and I was super excited about it so I velcroed my name on it and when I wore it some random old guy said "Hi Jessica" when he saw it
    My mom freaked out and I was never allowed to wear my Velcro shirt again
  7. I was in the spelling bee in first grade and I got eliminated on my third word.
    I forgot the "e" in the word "large"