In reality being stuck with any of them would be complete hell.
  1. Lindsey Funke
    Completely useless. We would never get off the island.
  2. GOB Bluth
    Also pretty useless. He would try to create an illusion to get us off the island, but would fail. Bonus points because he would probably have lighter fluid which could help us start a fire.
  3. Tobias Funke
    Mostly useless, but also not a complete idiot. I feel like he could take directions more than Lindsay or GOB.
  4. Lucille Bluth
    Very resourceful but her constant insults would drive me insane.
  5. Buster Bluth
    His army training could come in handy, but his fear of the ocean would be problematic.
  6. George Michael Bluth
    He's a little wimpy and doesn't seem like he would be that useful, but he's nicer and more sane than most of his family so that bumps him up the list.
  7. Annyong Bluth
    Cunning and resourceful if you could get him on your side.
  8. George Bluth Sr.
    His many escape attempts would be helpful at fleeing the island, but his self-centeredness knocks him down the list a little bit.
  9. Maeby Funke
    Because she's amazing?
  10. Michael Bluth
    Giphy downsized medium
    He's a little self-centered and annoying, but let's face it, he is the most resourceful Bluth, and away from his family he may be able to get stuff done and get us off the island.